Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saving Kim

Kim is a friend who needs a kidney. Last year we held a fundraiser for his team who were participating in a National Kidney walk fundraiser. A lot has gone on since then.

Here's a link where you can read about this whole story - it's a fascinating one to say the least:

Kim was put back on the list for a kidney transplant this year. But his finances are drained and his insurance is about to expire. Things weren't looking good.

But Kim's friends happen to be Internet Marketers - some of whom are the biggest names in Internet Marketing. So what do Internet Marketers do when faced with a friend who needs massive amounts of funding to save a friend's life?

They make products and hold a sale - a HUGE monster of you've never seen anything like this one sale. A sale so big and so complete with Internet Marketing "how-tos", free memberships, software, tips and tricks, and all kinds of other stuff people need to know and have to make a living online that marketers will have no choice but to buy the package.

50 products, with more to come - and access for anyone who buys to get any products yet to come - the 50 products are just the start.

Not only do people get the things they need to survive online - but Kim will get his kidney and survive, too.

Talk about two birds with one stone. Face it - if you need help getting a business going online, shouldn't you be getting it from the best of the best and be able to save a life in the process?

The funds for this sale go 100% to Kim. No percentages - no a little for me and a little for you -- ALL OF IT GOES STRAIGHT TO Saving Kim.

Products are donations by names you've all heard like Kevin Riley, Dr. Mani, Michael Hiles........and many more with many more to come!

Do yourself a favor and check out this sale - and when you find out it's absolutely everything you've been searching for at a price that won't have you living in a cave to learn how to operate on the Internet, click that buy button. Buy it to save yourself. Buy it to save Kim. We don't care. All we care is that you can help save our friend's life and we went through a lot of effort to make sure to give you all the Marketing how to's you'll ever need so you will help us save him.

Be a hero today. Your future starts right - HERE