Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mititia for the People and the Home Veggie Garden

I haven't been ignoring you all - just a tad under the weather. So is my 1 and a half year over life span dog, so I have been using my reserve energy to save him. I'm feeling better - more importantly, so is he. So with tragedy averted for the meantime, on with business.

I want to point out a website that is of extreme importance to all American Citizens - and I urge every military person who reads this blog to visit this website and pledge to defend Americans. The website has become massively popular over just it's first few days - what a relief to citizens! It urges all military to sign a pledge to defend the citizens of our country against our own government waging war on us. Military persons who take the pledge, pledge their service to the freedom of the American people and against service to any particular president.
If you are in the military - please go there and take the pledge and let us know you are there for us, not for those who would render us prisoners to treasoners. Here is the URL:

For those of you who really don't know what to make of BILL HR 875 - the bill reputed to be a means to seize and arrest people for growing food in their own yards -- the following link offers a very well written look at the issues involved in this bill, as well as into who exactly it is that is putting this bill on the agenda. If this bill didn't bother you before, you might be interested in a better look at the bill's founders and lobbyists.

That's about all for today. I'm getting ready to get my old buddy out for a good intensive stroll. It's the end of March and still pretty cold. If I call Gore, I wonder if he'll supply me some of that warming he's trumpeting about. With seasonally record colds still hitting the weather channels here, we could use some of it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Faith and Earth Trashing

Forums create some keen and sometimes rather unwelcome insights into people's views about our planet. In one thread on my favorite forum we're talking about what shambles we've made of our earth and the desperation of our current situation. One person came in and actually stated that it is okay that we trash everything up because Jesus is going to come back and God will make the planet new.'s OKAY to trash the planet up? Ready for the rant?

I have to hand it to that person. This has to be the stupidest statement I have heard from anyone on behalf of any religion.

Frankly, I don't think the rest of the planet is really "in tune" with your concept of your deity. I happen to be a bit familiar with the Bible myself and I have never seen anywhere any indication that it is okay to trash the place up just because of end times, the rapture or a planetary renewal.

I keep getting this weird image of Jesus coming back, driving around dumping fast food bags and wrappers out the car window, and telling everyone in the car that "It's okay, Dad will clean it up." Sorry, lady - I just really can't get my mind around thinking that will happen.

Now, if I understand correctly what I have read - life, as well as this planet, is a GIFT. Trashing it up does not seem like an exemplary way of showing thanks to the creator for this amazing gift. I'm betting that he intended us to take care of his gift to us, maybe. I'm assuming that a deity as glorious as we have been told God is, would not be thrilled about trash, pollution, toxins or any other form of disrespect for his perfection or for his gift to us.

While it is, according to the Christian faith, true that the rapture is coming, what makes you think with that attitude that the Rapture will do one damn bit of good for you? What makes you think that after feeling free to trash up that gift that you aren't going to be standing around in the trash wondering where everyone else went? Maybe God's just going to look at you and say - "No way do I want that slob running around trashing up my place, too". He might figure that you are so in tune with chaos that you might just be more comfortable elsewhere.

When he gave you fish to nourish your body, do you really think that it was okay for you to turn them poisonous with mercury or to endanger their existence with estrogen-imitating sunscreen chemicals or chemical fertilizer (pretty much the same thing actually)? Is it okay for you to poison our air and our ground and crops which in turn poison the gift of your body and jeopardize the life that was also a gift and was meant for you to cherish? Is that how you cherish it?

The fact that he has to renew anything itself should stand testimony that maybe we just aren't worthy of renewal. If you look into more energy based philosophies and sciences, the bad energy being produced by these toxic wastes and our general mishandling of our gift actually lowers the vibrational rate of those around them so the actual act of polluting in itself is a self induced proscription against any state of enlightenment we might have hoped to achieve.

It doesn't matter whether you are a Christian, Hindu, or Mayan based faithed believer -- trashing out a planet is disrespectful, illogical, unhealthy and just plain wrong. To the person who feels that it is okay to trash the place up all we want to because Jesus is coming back -- we wish that you would go see him right now and save us from having to clean up your mess. I'm pretty sure, HALLELUJAH, your Father won't be to thrilled if you leave it for him either. If I were you, I'd be looking for a job that will be secure AFTER the rapture, too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arrested For Smoking In Your Own Home?

Back in 2001 when we started getting our rights pulled out from under us at frightening levels, I had a dream.

I was sitting in my living room having a cigarette and a swat team burst through the front door. I was absolutely terrified and was trying to blow my smoke into a pillow.

The dream frightened me so bad that I woke up in a sweat and screaming. My friends thought it was pretty funny. Like that could really ever happen in real life, right? .....Right?

Just the other night I was watching TV and, believe it or not, there is legislation in the works to make it illegal to smoke in YOUR OWN HOME if you live in an apartment.

What is equally incredible is that they were interviewing people on the street and we have a bunch of citizens who are such idiotic droolers that they thought it was "a good idea". The reason for this conclusion? Smoking is bad for you. They don't like the smell of smoke. They are worried about second hand smoke. They are worried smokers will burn their apartment buildings down.


First off - have you been living in the country in the last ten years and been so able to escape reality that you haven't noticed that every time another right is taken from us they use subjects that people are extremely opinionated or emotional about to get their fascist crap over on us?
Are you so drugged moronic that you really don't realize yet that once they are allowed to rule we can't smoke in our own homes that there will be other things that they will disallow in your own home -- and that those things will be things that affect YOU lifestlye. It will be too late to worry about it after you allow them to rule against smoking though - hypocrite.

Maybe it's because many of the people that thought that it was a "good idea" were so furiously fat that it was ludicrous to hear them talk about themselves and "health" in the same sentence.
I'm also betting that they drive cars - which cause dangerous pollution (carbon monoxide).
They also use electricity and stoves - maybe space heaters. All of those can cause fires. So get rid of them - NOW.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION -- I am SICK of you pissing your dangerous pharmaceutical drugs into MY water supplies. We need swat teams to burst through your door to take them away from you and cart your toxic butt off to jail if you are using public water supplies to dispose of your toxic waste.
The same is true if you are using toxic chemicals to clean your home or in your personal care products. You are too toxic to be allowed to suck oxygen - lets make YOU illegal.

If you were so worried about your damned health you wouldn't be over 100 pounds overweight - you wouldn't be on drugs, you wouldn't eat half of the crap you put in your body or use the toxic products you are more than happy to subject your "health" to.

What you are is a bunch of little wanna-be dictators. You want the right to make people live exactly as you want them to live. Screw the constitution - YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST.

So you're so freaking smart -- you get your little pea brains in high gear and answer the following questions:

Over 60 percent of all Japanese men smoke - yet they aren't dying of lung cancer - why?
Why is it that over 60 percent of all lung cancer victims never ever smoked?
(Notice that these percentages are over HALF)
Why is it that people have been smoking for hundreds of years -- this country was founded partially on tobacco farms - yet only in the last few decades have lung cancers started to fluorish -- and they aren't alone, a lot of other diseases are becoming rampant as well -- and they are not diseases you can be fooled into thinking correlate to smoking.
Why is it that lung cancer cases are on the rise even though the amount of smokers has been on the decline for decades now?

If you want to get a brain instead of a will to control you will do some REAL research instead of just absorbing canned propeganda and you will find that you have been lied to. You will find you have been completely duped about what is making you sick. Maybe once you find out the truth you will give your fat little self-righteous body a workout and start protesting for the truth.

Until you get educated enough to realize faulty logic in propaganda, I sure don't want you messing around with my rights. You don't like cigarette smoke, fine - I don't have a problem with that. Some people are allergic and smokers need to have some respect for that.

But when you start agreeing it should be legal for the police or government to monitor MY personnal habits or preferences in MY OWN HOME -- you are out of line and I have not one problem with seeing your fascist asses marched right out of this country. You want to be a fascist - go where they are appreciated. I prefer to live in the Constitutional Republic that I was taught this country is SUPPOSED to be and I prefer the people making my rules to be better educated than you have shown yourselves to be.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's YOUR OWN FAULT - Call to Action.

Have enough of us lost jobs yet that you might finally be ready to do what is necessary to secure employment in the USA?

If you are sick of seeing jobs go overseas - it's time to stop acting like idiots. Period.

It should have become obvious to anyone who isn't completely sitting in a corner drooling that the Government is not doing a lot about the situation other than making empty promises. That means it is up to the people - who are in control of the situation in the first place, AND are solely to blame for the situation in the first place - those people are: THE US CITIZEN.

If you are using the services of ANY company which is outsourcing jobs, the situation is partly YOUR fault. Why do you need to use a telephone service that outsources jobs when there are services available that do not do so? Why do you need to connect your computer using a service that outsources jobs when there are services available who do not do so? Why do you need to connect your televisions using a service that outsources jobs when there are services available who do not do so?

When corporations do things that the public does not approve of - they can be stopped merely by refusing to use that service. You can scream to the heavens about outsourcing until you turn blue and choke - but as long as you are using those services those companies aren't going to care from hell to high water if you don't like it. Your fellow citizens will continue to lose jobs until you get off you idiotic ass and DO something about it. It doesn't take a college degree or an "in" with the local politicians to stop this travesty.

All it takes is for YOU to pick up your phone, find a service that does not outsource, sign up, and CANCEL the service that DOES outsource your jobs. IF you don't pay these people to outsource your jobs, they can't function. They will go bankrupt.
Period. What would happen if X corporation lost hundreds of thousands of accounts overnight because they are outsourcing?
That's right, even if it didn't completely flatten them, they'd be in major trouble.

On the other hand, the companies that do not outsource would get a major thanks for keeping jobs in the US. They would grow and flourish, and because they would understand that you switched to them because they don't outsource (which you would boldly tell them when you sign up) - they would KEEP the jobs here.

It should not take a genius to figure this out. Yet I see even people losing their jobs to outsourcing companies buying services from the SAME COMPANIES THAT OUTSOURCE THEIR JOBS. How the hell can we ever expect to get a government to work for us if we are too stupid and lazy to work for ourselves?

The next time you want to open your mouth and scream about outsourcing -- stop and think about what companies YOU are buying services from yourself. If you are buying from an out-sourcer -- YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser

The vile weather has forced my rockhounding exploration to a halt, but has given me some time to catch up on what our politicians are up to.

I didn't realize that 9 states actually declared sovereignty. All you hear about is New Hampshire's resolution to secede.
We've been told that they can't legally do so, but according to them, they have full rights. I'm sure they know what they are saying and I sure wish right now a lot of other states would get on the band wagon and put in like resolutions. It's way past time for sovereignty. We need to let them know at a national level that we won't have any part in any fascist scheme that is cooked up to corral us in as slaves of the state - and by state I mean the Global Union.

HR 645 might be worded nicely, but it just reaks of concentration camps and with so much talk going on about martial law there isn't one American who should be able to sleep soundly at night until that thing is defeated. Who knew in 2001 the real terrorists were sitting in the White House?

Idaho gets my thumbs up today. They just sent a Cease and Desist notice to stop the gun tyranny. It sites what the purpose of the second ammendment is and reminds our thug-in-chief that we aren't going to give up our guns. We have those not only to protect our families and homes, as we have a God given right to -- but also to protect against a hostile Government, which is now apparent is exactly what we have. Here's the declaration:


Crime figures released from Australia since they were robbed of their arms in the late 1990's (I believe it was 1996) show the same results as DC saw -- no legal guns make crime skyrocket. Not to mention the fact that it will make it a lot easier for them to march us all into those camps that HR 645 makes way for once we get fed up enough with them robbing us blind of every nickel we could use to feed or house ourselves with that we try to take them out of office. Of course, if the Fairness Doctrine passes - we'll never know because no one will be allowed to speak of these things anymore. I guess the corporate media complex hasn't done a good enough job keeping you and I from finding out about all the treason going on at the top. They need to stifle anyone who would ask a question such as "what happened to the constitution?". If Obama can get the military to pledge to him instead of to the people as has been rumored is on his long agenda, we won't be wanting the answer to those questions anyway.

But rest assured, it's all okay - because on the eve of socialized medicine it is also now okay to give drugs to people to allow them to commit suicide and Obama's going to educate your kids from the day they are born. Of course, youth too old for diapers will be "encouraged" to "volunteer" in community service. Nothing to worry about at all. Why, if you get sick and can't afford a doctor or are too old for the workers programs, they will soon be able to just end your misery for you in a way that is cheapest for society - and your kids will be well trained to know when it's time for Mommy or Daddy to be put out of their misery - maybe they can even arrange to do the family pet and the parents at the same time and save a lot of hastles.

Now I'm not going to say it's ALL going this way. There are a lot of individuals in office right now that are just as disgusted and terrified as you and I are and they are working on getting America restored to its constitutional grandeur. States are declaring sovereignty, Texas is taking it upon itself to defend our border even though the Federal government seems to think the violent chaos is good help in supporting their agenda. Ron Paul and a few others are working on having the FED abolished. Idaho's cease and desist notice is a grand call for the constitution. It is rumored that a bill to make English the National language is resurfacing and will go far to reinstate natural born Americans in positions with the government, in social services, medical, and customer service positions that are now off limits to anyone that doesn't speak Spanish. Prosecution is being sought for Bush and his pals for the crimes they commited in office (Atta Boy, Dennis - we're with ya all the way).

We are definitely a Nation in danger, a Nation in turmoil, and it has become apparent finally to even the most brainwashed of citizens that there is a major resistance brewing. When I see posts and YouTube videos made by people of military training that are more and more often telling us "we are behind the people, not the government" it makes falling asleep at night with the assurance we won't be pulled out of bed at 4 am and herded to a military "emergency facility".

But we can't depend on the military guys who will go out of their way to defend their families before government agendas. At some time, yesterday maybe, it would be a good idea for each American -- and I mean every damned person in this country to contact their legislators and tell them that you expect safety, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to raise your own children the way you see fit, and the right to a say in how YOUR money is spent. When a legislator tries to defend your constitution, their mailboxes should bulge with thank you notes. When they vote for bills that violate your constitutional rights they should be swiftly booted out of office whether it was a bill you liked or not. Remember - when you support the usurption of someone else's rights, it endangers yours as well. NO politician should remain in office after voting UNCONSTITUTIONALLY. If all we can get some of those people to understand is money, then start taking them out of office when they vote against America so they won't get those sweet, massive, life long pensions they look forward to whether they have been of any value or not.

Well, I guess I've ranted long enough. No, I'm not done. I could rant all night about how fascist Americans have allowed their politicians to become. But I won't because I'm going to try to get some sleep tonight and it's going to take hours to get my blood pressure back to normal after thinking about what is going on in this country right now. I am hoping that my fellow countrymen and women will finally turn off their televisions and stand for something - make things happen and take back our country. I always thought that was what an American was supposed to be - supposed to do. Am I wrong?