Monday, March 2, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser

The vile weather has forced my rockhounding exploration to a halt, but has given me some time to catch up on what our politicians are up to.

I didn't realize that 9 states actually declared sovereignty. All you hear about is New Hampshire's resolution to secede.
We've been told that they can't legally do so, but according to them, they have full rights. I'm sure they know what they are saying and I sure wish right now a lot of other states would get on the band wagon and put in like resolutions. It's way past time for sovereignty. We need to let them know at a national level that we won't have any part in any fascist scheme that is cooked up to corral us in as slaves of the state - and by state I mean the Global Union.

HR 645 might be worded nicely, but it just reaks of concentration camps and with so much talk going on about martial law there isn't one American who should be able to sleep soundly at night until that thing is defeated. Who knew in 2001 the real terrorists were sitting in the White House?

Idaho gets my thumbs up today. They just sent a Cease and Desist notice to stop the gun tyranny. It sites what the purpose of the second ammendment is and reminds our thug-in-chief that we aren't going to give up our guns. We have those not only to protect our families and homes, as we have a God given right to -- but also to protect against a hostile Government, which is now apparent is exactly what we have. Here's the declaration:


Crime figures released from Australia since they were robbed of their arms in the late 1990's (I believe it was 1996) show the same results as DC saw -- no legal guns make crime skyrocket. Not to mention the fact that it will make it a lot easier for them to march us all into those camps that HR 645 makes way for once we get fed up enough with them robbing us blind of every nickel we could use to feed or house ourselves with that we try to take them out of office. Of course, if the Fairness Doctrine passes - we'll never know because no one will be allowed to speak of these things anymore. I guess the corporate media complex hasn't done a good enough job keeping you and I from finding out about all the treason going on at the top. They need to stifle anyone who would ask a question such as "what happened to the constitution?". If Obama can get the military to pledge to him instead of to the people as has been rumored is on his long agenda, we won't be wanting the answer to those questions anyway.

But rest assured, it's all okay - because on the eve of socialized medicine it is also now okay to give drugs to people to allow them to commit suicide and Obama's going to educate your kids from the day they are born. Of course, youth too old for diapers will be "encouraged" to "volunteer" in community service. Nothing to worry about at all. Why, if you get sick and can't afford a doctor or are too old for the workers programs, they will soon be able to just end your misery for you in a way that is cheapest for society - and your kids will be well trained to know when it's time for Mommy or Daddy to be put out of their misery - maybe they can even arrange to do the family pet and the parents at the same time and save a lot of hastles.

Now I'm not going to say it's ALL going this way. There are a lot of individuals in office right now that are just as disgusted and terrified as you and I are and they are working on getting America restored to its constitutional grandeur. States are declaring sovereignty, Texas is taking it upon itself to defend our border even though the Federal government seems to think the violent chaos is good help in supporting their agenda. Ron Paul and a few others are working on having the FED abolished. Idaho's cease and desist notice is a grand call for the constitution. It is rumored that a bill to make English the National language is resurfacing and will go far to reinstate natural born Americans in positions with the government, in social services, medical, and customer service positions that are now off limits to anyone that doesn't speak Spanish. Prosecution is being sought for Bush and his pals for the crimes they commited in office (Atta Boy, Dennis - we're with ya all the way).

We are definitely a Nation in danger, a Nation in turmoil, and it has become apparent finally to even the most brainwashed of citizens that there is a major resistance brewing. When I see posts and YouTube videos made by people of military training that are more and more often telling us "we are behind the people, not the government" it makes falling asleep at night with the assurance we won't be pulled out of bed at 4 am and herded to a military "emergency facility".

But we can't depend on the military guys who will go out of their way to defend their families before government agendas. At some time, yesterday maybe, it would be a good idea for each American -- and I mean every damned person in this country to contact their legislators and tell them that you expect safety, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to raise your own children the way you see fit, and the right to a say in how YOUR money is spent. When a legislator tries to defend your constitution, their mailboxes should bulge with thank you notes. When they vote for bills that violate your constitutional rights they should be swiftly booted out of office whether it was a bill you liked or not. Remember - when you support the usurption of someone else's rights, it endangers yours as well. NO politician should remain in office after voting UNCONSTITUTIONALLY. If all we can get some of those people to understand is money, then start taking them out of office when they vote against America so they won't get those sweet, massive, life long pensions they look forward to whether they have been of any value or not.

Well, I guess I've ranted long enough. No, I'm not done. I could rant all night about how fascist Americans have allowed their politicians to become. But I won't because I'm going to try to get some sleep tonight and it's going to take hours to get my blood pressure back to normal after thinking about what is going on in this country right now. I am hoping that my fellow countrymen and women will finally turn off their televisions and stand for something - make things happen and take back our country. I always thought that was what an American was supposed to be - supposed to do. Am I wrong?

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