Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arrested For Smoking In Your Own Home?

Back in 2001 when we started getting our rights pulled out from under us at frightening levels, I had a dream.

I was sitting in my living room having a cigarette and a swat team burst through the front door. I was absolutely terrified and was trying to blow my smoke into a pillow.

The dream frightened me so bad that I woke up in a sweat and screaming. My friends thought it was pretty funny. Like that could really ever happen in real life, right? .....Right?

Just the other night I was watching TV and, believe it or not, there is legislation in the works to make it illegal to smoke in YOUR OWN HOME if you live in an apartment.

What is equally incredible is that they were interviewing people on the street and we have a bunch of citizens who are such idiotic droolers that they thought it was "a good idea". The reason for this conclusion? Smoking is bad for you. They don't like the smell of smoke. They are worried about second hand smoke. They are worried smokers will burn their apartment buildings down.


First off - have you been living in the country in the last ten years and been so able to escape reality that you haven't noticed that every time another right is taken from us they use subjects that people are extremely opinionated or emotional about to get their fascist crap over on us?
Are you so drugged moronic that you really don't realize yet that once they are allowed to rule we can't smoke in our own homes that there will be other things that they will disallow in your own home -- and that those things will be things that affect YOU lifestlye. It will be too late to worry about it after you allow them to rule against smoking though - hypocrite.

Maybe it's because many of the people that thought that it was a "good idea" were so furiously fat that it was ludicrous to hear them talk about themselves and "health" in the same sentence.
I'm also betting that they drive cars - which cause dangerous pollution (carbon monoxide).
They also use electricity and stoves - maybe space heaters. All of those can cause fires. So get rid of them - NOW.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION -- I am SICK of you pissing your dangerous pharmaceutical drugs into MY water supplies. We need swat teams to burst through your door to take them away from you and cart your toxic butt off to jail if you are using public water supplies to dispose of your toxic waste.
The same is true if you are using toxic chemicals to clean your home or in your personal care products. You are too toxic to be allowed to suck oxygen - lets make YOU illegal.

If you were so worried about your damned health you wouldn't be over 100 pounds overweight - you wouldn't be on drugs, you wouldn't eat half of the crap you put in your body or use the toxic products you are more than happy to subject your "health" to.

What you are is a bunch of little wanna-be dictators. You want the right to make people live exactly as you want them to live. Screw the constitution - YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST.

So you're so freaking smart -- you get your little pea brains in high gear and answer the following questions:

Over 60 percent of all Japanese men smoke - yet they aren't dying of lung cancer - why?
Why is it that over 60 percent of all lung cancer victims never ever smoked?
(Notice that these percentages are over HALF)
Why is it that people have been smoking for hundreds of years -- this country was founded partially on tobacco farms - yet only in the last few decades have lung cancers started to fluorish -- and they aren't alone, a lot of other diseases are becoming rampant as well -- and they are not diseases you can be fooled into thinking correlate to smoking.
Why is it that lung cancer cases are on the rise even though the amount of smokers has been on the decline for decades now?

If you want to get a brain instead of a will to control you will do some REAL research instead of just absorbing canned propeganda and you will find that you have been lied to. You will find you have been completely duped about what is making you sick. Maybe once you find out the truth you will give your fat little self-righteous body a workout and start protesting for the truth.

Until you get educated enough to realize faulty logic in propaganda, I sure don't want you messing around with my rights. You don't like cigarette smoke, fine - I don't have a problem with that. Some people are allergic and smokers need to have some respect for that.

But when you start agreeing it should be legal for the police or government to monitor MY personnal habits or preferences in MY OWN HOME -- you are out of line and I have not one problem with seeing your fascist asses marched right out of this country. You want to be a fascist - go where they are appreciated. I prefer to live in the Constitutional Republic that I was taught this country is SUPPOSED to be and I prefer the people making my rules to be better educated than you have shown yourselves to be.

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