Friday, March 13, 2009

Faith and Earth Trashing

Forums create some keen and sometimes rather unwelcome insights into people's views about our planet. In one thread on my favorite forum we're talking about what shambles we've made of our earth and the desperation of our current situation. One person came in and actually stated that it is okay that we trash everything up because Jesus is going to come back and God will make the planet new.'s OKAY to trash the planet up? Ready for the rant?

I have to hand it to that person. This has to be the stupidest statement I have heard from anyone on behalf of any religion.

Frankly, I don't think the rest of the planet is really "in tune" with your concept of your deity. I happen to be a bit familiar with the Bible myself and I have never seen anywhere any indication that it is okay to trash the place up just because of end times, the rapture or a planetary renewal.

I keep getting this weird image of Jesus coming back, driving around dumping fast food bags and wrappers out the car window, and telling everyone in the car that "It's okay, Dad will clean it up." Sorry, lady - I just really can't get my mind around thinking that will happen.

Now, if I understand correctly what I have read - life, as well as this planet, is a GIFT. Trashing it up does not seem like an exemplary way of showing thanks to the creator for this amazing gift. I'm betting that he intended us to take care of his gift to us, maybe. I'm assuming that a deity as glorious as we have been told God is, would not be thrilled about trash, pollution, toxins or any other form of disrespect for his perfection or for his gift to us.

While it is, according to the Christian faith, true that the rapture is coming, what makes you think with that attitude that the Rapture will do one damn bit of good for you? What makes you think that after feeling free to trash up that gift that you aren't going to be standing around in the trash wondering where everyone else went? Maybe God's just going to look at you and say - "No way do I want that slob running around trashing up my place, too". He might figure that you are so in tune with chaos that you might just be more comfortable elsewhere.

When he gave you fish to nourish your body, do you really think that it was okay for you to turn them poisonous with mercury or to endanger their existence with estrogen-imitating sunscreen chemicals or chemical fertilizer (pretty much the same thing actually)? Is it okay for you to poison our air and our ground and crops which in turn poison the gift of your body and jeopardize the life that was also a gift and was meant for you to cherish? Is that how you cherish it?

The fact that he has to renew anything itself should stand testimony that maybe we just aren't worthy of renewal. If you look into more energy based philosophies and sciences, the bad energy being produced by these toxic wastes and our general mishandling of our gift actually lowers the vibrational rate of those around them so the actual act of polluting in itself is a self induced proscription against any state of enlightenment we might have hoped to achieve.

It doesn't matter whether you are a Christian, Hindu, or Mayan based faithed believer -- trashing out a planet is disrespectful, illogical, unhealthy and just plain wrong. To the person who feels that it is okay to trash the place up all we want to because Jesus is coming back -- we wish that you would go see him right now and save us from having to clean up your mess. I'm pretty sure, HALLELUJAH, your Father won't be to thrilled if you leave it for him either. If I were you, I'd be looking for a job that will be secure AFTER the rapture, too.

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  1. My belief is that we evolved as the 'Caretakers' of this amazing planet. Just like the 'drone' bees take care of their Queen at all costs.
    Darwins theory of 'Survival of the fittest' means that we are all expected to be personally responsible 'caretakers'. If we fail, we die. It's as simple as that.

    There will be no Jesus revival on our behalf. We've had enough second chances. We're now on the road to extinction if we don't all act responsibly as 'caretakers'. An admirable, ethical job by the way.