Friday, March 6, 2009

It's YOUR OWN FAULT - Call to Action.

Have enough of us lost jobs yet that you might finally be ready to do what is necessary to secure employment in the USA?

If you are sick of seeing jobs go overseas - it's time to stop acting like idiots. Period.

It should have become obvious to anyone who isn't completely sitting in a corner drooling that the Government is not doing a lot about the situation other than making empty promises. That means it is up to the people - who are in control of the situation in the first place, AND are solely to blame for the situation in the first place - those people are: THE US CITIZEN.

If you are using the services of ANY company which is outsourcing jobs, the situation is partly YOUR fault. Why do you need to use a telephone service that outsources jobs when there are services available that do not do so? Why do you need to connect your computer using a service that outsources jobs when there are services available who do not do so? Why do you need to connect your televisions using a service that outsources jobs when there are services available who do not do so?

When corporations do things that the public does not approve of - they can be stopped merely by refusing to use that service. You can scream to the heavens about outsourcing until you turn blue and choke - but as long as you are using those services those companies aren't going to care from hell to high water if you don't like it. Your fellow citizens will continue to lose jobs until you get off you idiotic ass and DO something about it. It doesn't take a college degree or an "in" with the local politicians to stop this travesty.

All it takes is for YOU to pick up your phone, find a service that does not outsource, sign up, and CANCEL the service that DOES outsource your jobs. IF you don't pay these people to outsource your jobs, they can't function. They will go bankrupt.
Period. What would happen if X corporation lost hundreds of thousands of accounts overnight because they are outsourcing?
That's right, even if it didn't completely flatten them, they'd be in major trouble.

On the other hand, the companies that do not outsource would get a major thanks for keeping jobs in the US. They would grow and flourish, and because they would understand that you switched to them because they don't outsource (which you would boldly tell them when you sign up) - they would KEEP the jobs here.

It should not take a genius to figure this out. Yet I see even people losing their jobs to outsourcing companies buying services from the SAME COMPANIES THAT OUTSOURCE THEIR JOBS. How the hell can we ever expect to get a government to work for us if we are too stupid and lazy to work for ourselves?

The next time you want to open your mouth and scream about outsourcing -- stop and think about what companies YOU are buying services from yourself. If you are buying from an out-sourcer -- YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.


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