Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mititia for the People and the Home Veggie Garden

I haven't been ignoring you all - just a tad under the weather. So is my 1 and a half year over life span dog, so I have been using my reserve energy to save him. I'm feeling better - more importantly, so is he. So with tragedy averted for the meantime, on with business.

I want to point out a website that is of extreme importance to all American Citizens - and I urge every military person who reads this blog to visit this website and pledge to defend Americans. The website has become massively popular over just it's first few days - what a relief to citizens! It urges all military to sign a pledge to defend the citizens of our country against our own government waging war on us. Military persons who take the pledge, pledge their service to the freedom of the American people and against service to any particular president.
If you are in the military - please go there and take the pledge and let us know you are there for us, not for those who would render us prisoners to treasoners. Here is the URL:

For those of you who really don't know what to make of BILL HR 875 - the bill reputed to be a means to seize and arrest people for growing food in their own yards -- the following link offers a very well written look at the issues involved in this bill, as well as into who exactly it is that is putting this bill on the agenda. If this bill didn't bother you before, you might be interested in a better look at the bill's founders and lobbyists.

That's about all for today. I'm getting ready to get my old buddy out for a good intensive stroll. It's the end of March and still pretty cold. If I call Gore, I wonder if he'll supply me some of that warming he's trumpeting about. With seasonally record colds still hitting the weather channels here, we could use some of it.

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