Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nobility Isn't Reserved For the Rich - Kim's Story --UPDATE

UPDATE: Kim is out of immediate danger and back home with his family. He still, however, is victim of kidney failure, and on dialysis 6 days a week. He still needs a transplant. Right now he counts on the Kindey foundation for the dialysis he needs daily to stay alive. You can help by going to to the links below and pledging your donation to Kim as a walker in Kidney Foundation's walk for life. If you realize how many people there are that have kidney failure and need that foundation to help them stay alive, you will help.


Not everyone is familiar with KimW, but at the Warrior Forum, he is our friend. Kim is a devoted friend who helps many IM newbies (and even some of the not-so-new) with technical problems, and is just an all round terrific guy to chatter with. He is always ready to help in any way he can.

His kidneys are failing and he's in critical care now. He's losing blood and they don't know from where yet. It's looking serious.

Before being admitted to the hospital, Kim was very actively putting together a team for the National Kidney foundation walk to raise donations for the foundation. Research into better and different drugs to avoid transplant rejection can save his life. Other research can save A LOT of lives.

Suddenly Saturday night, Kim was admitted to the critical care unit of his hospital - and his frustration with that is that he can't continue building his team, continue raising funds. Not once has he mentioned his own suffering or risks - he's upset he can't be out helping his team and raising funds that will help EVERYONE. He may not get to walk with them at all. And we, his friends, scream to heaven that not walking with his team will be the worst of it.

It's not just kidney causes that Kim cares about either - One of his friends, in tears, confided to me that Saturday night, just a few hours before landing in critical care, Kim had given her a website and was helping her with technical issues....the whole time feeling more ill than any of us ever imagined. She is devastated knowing how ill he was feeling while working to help her. That's just the type of guy Kim is. Always thinking of someone else. Now that it's our turn to think of him - we need help expressing how deeply we care about him.

Kim had a goal for his team. We, those who care for this wonderful human, have a goal, too. We want to see him not only meet this goal - but to break it by enough that he'd never dared to dream. You know what they say about emotions ruling the body - we need him ecstatic right now. We need him to feel so good that no illness can prevail. And we need hope too. Hope that it isn't his final goal that we are granting.

I'm asking you to donate to Kim's team. I know times are really tough and everyone is out looking for funds - but if you've ever watched someone with a terminal illness -- ever had someone care about you when they had worries of their own -- ever seen someone ill hope for something and know the frustration of not being able to grant it -- ever known or loved someone in kidney failure..............please help. If everyone gives just the price of a cup of coffee, we can put a smile on the face of one very sick and very selfless man and on the faces of his friends and family as well.

You may just find that your donation helps one of your own family members or friends sometime - kidney failure can strike anyone at any time.

Here is the link to donate - Lets get some good LOA in motion and show that human unity isn't just for men trapped in mines!


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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful blog, and we all have Kim in our hearts. Although I do not know him personally, I care nonetheless. Hang in there Kim!