Friday, August 7, 2009

White House Calls on Citizens to Report Health Care Opposers

I haven't been here in awhile but after seeing this I thought the rest of America should also see it as well.

Right there on the White House blog - we are being asked to report videos and emails, etc that show opposition to Obama's health care bill. It's not enough that he is trying to push it through without letting anyone read the damned thing - now he wants dissenters reported? And what are his plans for dissenters? Censorship? Prison? Concentration camps? Maybe just a nice little list for use later on? Perhaps we'll just be denied health services later?

Perhaps Mr. Obama should be informed that the real way to dispel myths about this bill - if what they consider "suspicious" is actually myth - is to give people time to READ it. For some reason he is against that notion. Why is that?

Here is the URL to the White House blog that asks for us to start our Narc activities:

Here is a link to a site where you can easily contact your own representatives to write to them about this Orwellian garbage.

Below that is the letter I sent to my rep in case you need some help deciding what to say about it:

I just found this on a government website and am furious.

So you want us to start reporting people who don't agree with what the government is doing? What kind of Orwellian fiction am I reading here? I would like an explanation for your blog post request to start reporting emails, videos (k.e. Americans). What are your intentions? Jail? Concentration camps? What exactly is this nonsense?

This needs to be explained - and real soon because it's going to be on every person's website in this country very soon. This is the most Hitlitarian thing I have ever seen come overtly from the White House. If we are no longer allowed to oppose the government when they intend to take actions that we don't approve, you need to come straight out and tell us that you have rescinded our inalienable rights.

I am waiting to hear a valid reason this travesty is considered even remotely constitutional. It would seem more than slightly imperative at this point to tell this "Leader" of ours that the Health Care bill will NOT be signed until it can be read and discussed thoroughly.

NOW - you all have a choice. You can run and report me for not liking Hitlitarian motives being used by our Government - or you can report the White House blog post to your own representative who is being pressured to sign a 1000 page document without reading it first. I'm betting they have no clue that this was posted.

Doesn't it make you wonder what we will be asked to report our neighbors for next time around?

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