Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food Has Less To Do With Weight Loss Than You Think

You diet, you exercise, you are doing everything but losing those extra pounds. Why the heck is it so hard to lose weight? Why is it so darned easy to put it on?

The diet industries want you to think it's all YOUR fault. They will hook you up to every diet plan ($$) that you could ever imagine. We have calories drilled into our heads - followed up directly with calorie burners ($$) of every kind.

Calories might have been a leading factor in weight control several decades back - but they aren't the main problem these days. Fat isn't an illness, a lack of control, or a disease.......it's just a symptom of some major things going wrong that diets and drugs ($$) aren't going to do much of a twit about in the long run. In fact - many of the reasons that you can't lose weight or that you are putting weight on far too easily haven't even got ANYTHING to do with food!

Okay - I'll admit that there are people who just really eat too much. But there have always been people that have just plain eaten too much. The percentage of people who are fat because they just truly overeat is very small, though. Over-eating doesn't begin to account for the recent rise in obesity statistics. The fact is that the statistics for the percent of overweight people have close to tripled in the last few decades. What has changed in the last few decades that is making us, and keeping us, so fat?

It's still true in today's world that you have to burn calories that you intake or you will get fat or stay fat. It's also true that people are finding it harder to burn calories than ever before. Conveniently, there are lots of pharmaceutical drugs ($$) out on the market now that will burn those calories for you. There are a lot of natural remedies ($$) out there, too. Both have one thing in common. If you stop taking them your body still isn't going to burn calories by itself so the problem is going to just recycle on you. You will either stay fat or you will have to take spendy remedies for the rest of your life - remedies that might also have side effects. Sweet, eh?

The only way to lose weight in today's world is to find out what our marvelous pharmaceutically owned medical complex isn't telling you about why you aren't burning calories and fight those causes.

Some of those causes will shock you, too. There are loads of them. Some of the reasons are pretty scary. Others aren't so frightening. You can't do much about any of them until you know what they are and which ones are affecting YOU. You may find there are several reasons your body has decided to store calories instead of burning them.

You can diet until you can't see straight, but until you know why your body isn't burning the calories you are taking in, diets aren't going to do much but frustrate you or give you some heavy duty mental complexes.

If you are having a problem controlling your weight and are sick of the diet run around you are getting, I have some information that will make a whole difference in how you look at weight control. I'm not going to tell you how to diet - well, I do give some tips on foods because food IS still relevant to weight, but this isn't a diet manual.....it's a manual that tells the different reasons your body is storing instead of burning calories. As I said earlier - many of the reasons don't have one thing to do with food. Once you know what reasons may be affecting you personally, you can actually fight against calorie storage in ways that will actually make a difference.

When you are ready to get down to some serious insight to why you can't lose weight -


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